OK. I may regret this later, but I’ve made a decision about the future of Uncle Crappy. When I upgraded a while back, I added “Hopeless Cleveland Sports” as one of the “filed” categories. As you’re all aware, I have plenty of reasons to view my North Coast teams with a jaded eye, but I think — I hope, anyway — that trend could be coming to an end.

Look: The Indians are in first place. The Cavs are rolling through the first round of the NBA playoffs. And the Browns haven’t fucked up their picks on the first day of the NFL draft, even trading to add a cornerback in the second round.

I’m actually hopeful.

So. I’m retiring the “Hopeless Cleveland Sports” tag, and replacing it with sport-specific tags instead.

Let’s just hope it stays that way.


A side note. The Bengals and Stillers have been picking Michigan players like they’re going out of style. Which makes it even easier to hate them. Whoo!


  1. I am pretty optimistic about most things. I am also pretty good at hiding my optimism with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

    One thing I am not….
    is optimistic about Cleveland Sports. I am mildly excited about the Cavs, but we’ll get blown out sooner than later. I’m also excited about the Tribe…always, just because I love baseball. But, I am predicting at least one more “heart break” season. Then we can talk.

    The Browns? They suck. I am pretty sure they will always suck. We can’t even talk about this one.


  2. In a recent message to me, Dr. A wrote:


    I just heard Brady Couch, er… I mean Brady Quinn, went 22nd in the draft to the Cleveland Browns. I wonder how long until the Browns end his career. One season? Two seasons? As if the Browns don’t have enough problems, they are trying to fill stadium seats by grabbing the best rookie QB only to completely destroy him and any hope for the season by not bolstering the offensive line. Why didn’t they draft a center in the first round for C***st’s sake? The last f***ing thing they need is a rookie QB (wasn’t Frye rookie enough for this town?). Of course, being a Stillers fan, I find all this amusing, because it ensures that the Browns will SUCK FOREVER, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Eat it, Cleveland.

    UC, I must agree and laugh an evil chuckling laugh. Despite my desire to support los Brownies as much as a 12-year Cleveland resident Pittsburgher can, my efforts are confounded by their apparent lack of planning and execution.



  3. Astute observations, except for one minor point; THE BROWNS PICKED A LEFT TACKLE WITH THE THIRD PICK OF THE DRAFT. AND SIGNED A FREE-AGENT PRO-BOWL GUARD IN EARLIER IN THE YEAR. Which kind of makes the notion that the team failed to bolster its offensive line a little silly.

    By the way, how’s your mascot looking? Big, dumb and yellow? Yeah, I thought so…


  4. Ah, but wait until the left tackle breaks a leg performing a wheelbarrow stunt just before the season begins, and the guard suffers a rhomboidal herniation of the immaculus on the first pre-season play…


  5. As long as they’re not enrolled in the Ben Roethelisberger School of Motorcyling, I like their chances.


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