These updates are just too easy.

  • We’re getting ready for a weekend in Columbus, the first time we’ve been home since, I think, February. It’s shaping up to be a nice, low-stress time — pizza with the folks on Friday night, an iPod/iTunes lesson for my father, mother and The Wife, and then a take-out Mexican feast — in honor of Cinco de Mayo — at the home of Fred and Ethel on Saturday. That’ll be good.
  • We’ll also watch the Kentucky Derby while at Fred and Ethel’s. I haven’t picked my favorite yet, but I’m leaning towards Any Given Saturday, which at the moment, carries 12-1 odds. He has a great name — probably a reference to the Derby, but how can you not like the link to college football? — and a great post position — third — and in his six previous races, he’s never finished out of the money.
  • Penndemonium, the second in a line of new strong beers from Penn Brewing, is completely awesome. A tip for the Floridians: The brewer told me they sent some down your way.
  • The Wife and had another nice beer-related discovery over the weekend — the apparent resurrection of Church Brew Works. In our visits in the last two years or so, the beer has been decent-to-fair, which, for them, is disappointing. The last time we were there, a manager actually told us they had been busy enough with setting up a bottling system that the actual brewing part had been a little neglected — and we weren’t the only ones to notice. But on Friday, along with our always-excellent buffalo cheeseburgers, we had really yummy IPAs, a great dunkelweizen and a glass of one of their staples, the Pious Monk Dunkel, which, to us, was better than it had been in years.
  • This afternoon I found a really nice copy of Phish’s Big Cypress show. For the uninitiated, that was their New Year’s Eve 1999 show, held on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation in the Everglades. They played for more than nine hours, and a brief part of the show was simulcast on ABC’s live coverage of the events that night. In preparation for the broadcast, Trey told the audience that the band would give a short message of peace — which turned out to be “drive in the right lane, pass in the left” — and then play a short song. At the end of the tune, which was “Heavy Things,” Trey said everyone should chant the word “cheesecake” instead of clapping. I don’t remember watching on TV — we were too busy firing shotguns from Juan’s porch — but on the recording it sounds pretty freaking funny.
  • I get to tour a nuclear power plant on Friday morning. Should be pretty interesting and colossally terrifying, all at the same time.
  • While trying to help one of The Wife’s co-workers, I found this site. It’s a couple of years old — another shining example of Uncle Crappy being slow on the uptake — so you might have seen it already. If you haven’t, though …jesus, it’s hysterical. Ask him to make you a chicken sandwich.

OK. I’ll make my official Derby prediction sometime on Friday. Get those juleps ready.