Jesus. If we’re going to keep doing this, something has to change.

We go to Pittsburgh for fun.

We go to Pittsburgh for art.

We go to Pittsburgh for music.

We go to Pittsburgh for beer.

When friends come out — as Fred and Ethel are in a couple of weeks — we get hotel room in Pittsburgh so we don’t have to screw around with driving back home at the end of the night.

So why in the hell don’t we live in Pittsburgh?

We met a few friends from my paper — along with one alum — at the Sharp Edge in Sewickley tonight. It might be a trivial thing, but if we were living in, say Bellevue or Brighton Heights, the drive home would have been significantly less harrowing. And we could have stayed longer.

We spent a little time this afternoon looking at houses, something we’ve been doing a lot of recently. It seems to be completely stupid to continue paying rent for a crappy apartment that’s 20 miles from town when we could be making a house payment of a similar amount while living a lot closer to where all the fun shit is. Our combined credit score isn’t going to win us any awards, but still … continuing our current situation just gets dumber and dumber every day.


  1. UC – from an outsider’s perspective, Pixburg makes complete sense – just look at your blog entries – hmmmmm, where do you go to do things outside of work? Also – you could even rent for a year down there.

    Best of luck!


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