OK. Me and YouTube made nice. Sort of.

The heavily compressed version of the video is up, after nearly a full day of teeth-grinding, swearing and fucking around with various computers. It’s a little disappointing, because the quality of the compressed version really suffers — although not to the degree that you’ll miss the point.

And I’m still holding on to my opinion that in my admittedly limited experience, YouTube’s support system sucks. There is nothing in the help pages that addressed my problem, and the notion that their user support staff might get back to you at some point is complete bullshit.

But if I’m going to do this — and I intend to, as part of my plot to one day completely dominate the entire internet — I’m going to have to figure out some of this stuff for myself. Because, apparently, YouTube isn’t going to be much help.

Anyway. Here it is. Go. And let me know — both there and here — what you think.

2 Replies to “tubelicious.”

  1. excellent!

    now all you need is some serious search engine marketing and optimization for your blog and your route to inter-nets domination will be complete


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