I’ve been thoroughly immersed in the blogging world all week, but not to the degree that I’ve had a ton of time to pay attention to Uncle Crappy. It’s work stuff, and if you’re curious, let me know — it’ll be kind of a different story, and I’ll get you pointed in the right direction once it’s ready.

And it’ll be ready, at least on my end, by Wednesday morning. That’s right, boys and girls — I took the rest of the week off. Not going anywhere, not doing much — just making sure I have the proper amount of time to get prepped for Ratdog and the Allmans Wednesday night. Thursday is for recovery — and for other low-stress activities, like talking with bank people about mortgages. Yikes.

This weekend should be pretty nice too, but in a different way — I’ll be at the second Podcamp Pittsburgh, a discussion of all things related to new media and how it applies to both Uncle Crappy’s goal of total world domination — and the almost-as-important goal of being so good at this shit that I’ll be employable at newspapers until I’m ready to retire. If you’re reading this from someplace in the Pittsburgh area, you should check it out — last year I attended only two sessions but got a ton of information from them. If you have any interest at all, you’ll find something in the schedule you’ll appreciate.

And as long as we’re discussing readers from the Pittsburgh area … I’ve noticed continued interest in Uncle Crappy from local IP addresses I don’t recognize, something that spiked last week with the whole Steely McBeam thing. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to maintain that interest — once I start blabbing about Ohio State football, it may drop precipitously — but I’m at least going to give it a shot. And I’m going to do that by making sure I mention the name Steely McBeam whenever I can.

6 Replies to “off.”

  1. UC – good luck with (Steely McBeam) the creditors – I hope the recent squeeze on (Steely McBeam) liquidity hasn’t changed the approval criteria for your upcoming (Steely McBeam party) purchase – we’ve got to figure out a way to blame (Steely McBeam) the Chinese for this mess as well.


  2. Kewyson: I’ve been kicking around the idea of working Steely McBeam into everyone’s Uncle Crappy nicknames. How do you like Kewymcbeam?

    Kristi: I didn’t really think I needed to remind you about the impending start of the season … but I was getting a little concerned because I hadn’t heard from you yet. If we had gone another week, The Wife and I were ready to send out a search party.


  3. In this case, I think Brady McBeam sounds a little better. And speaking of sound … that noise you hear, kinda faintly, to the west? That’s what a full-blown quarterback controversy sounds like.


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