calmed down.

Are they gone?

OK. That sounds wrong. I’m grateful that my contribution to the debate over Rhino’s decision to cut off the downloads at their Tapers’ Section got the attention it did. For the second straight week, I’ve found myself a little bewildered over an explosion over a post — and this time, since one came on the heels of Podcamp, I found myself wondering if there’s something I should be doing to capitalize on the influx of newcomers.

So what am I going to do? I’m going to write about Ohio State football.

Yeah. Sorry.

Actually, there are a few things:

  • Before we’re done with the Grateful Dead/Rhino thing, I noticed a couple of other points that should be addressed. Many of the people who posted comments on last week’s Tapers’ Section were content to voice their opinions/concerns about the change; a few, however, were not. There were personal attacks directed at David Gans, who had the nerve to suggest that we be a little patient; there was a discussion about whether people posting were real Deadheads, or who was more of a Deadhead than someone else. I have no desire to bash DG, who’s devoted much of his life to bringing the music to us — and his notion that we relax just a bit is probably good advice. And the whole Deadhead/non-Deadhead/real Deadhead thing is just brainless — if you like the music and have an appreciation for the scene, you can call yourself a Deadhead in my book. One poster went through his entire resume — first show in ’72, 18 kajillion hours on tape, 1,000 shows, etc. — and then tried to convince us he wasn’t bragging. Please. Can we maybe focus on the issue, instead of trying to dismiss someone because he/she didn’t have the good fortune of being born in time to see GD?
  • As far as the actual issue: As I’ve said already, my problem is with the lack of communication. There’s a chance that could be addressed tomorrow morning, when the next installment of the Tapers’ Section is released. I’ll be checking to see what transpires.
  • While The Wife and I were wandering around Saturday afternoon looking at houses, we stopped at 517521 in Bellevue. If you look around in the store long enough, you’re bound to find something you need to take home — and, of course, I did (Fred, you have an awesome gift on the way this weekend). After I settled up, I turned and saw that The Wife was giggling over a stubby little plastic skateboard that was propped up next to a display case. The board was a 1970s-vintage GT Spoiler with a baby-blue deck; she was excited because it was the same skateboard she owned when she was a kid. Before I could chime in — because I owned the same skateboard when I was in grade school — she laughed and said the only difference between the one we were looking at and the one she owned was the color; her board was a neon green. As was mine. It’s a good thing we’re already married. You know, to each other.
  • Anyone else find it interesting that the very summer we decide to finally buy a house in Pittsburgh is the same summer when the mortgage market collapses? Me neither.
  • More good beer in Pittsburgh. We visited the new Rivertowne Pour House in Monroeville last night, and sweet holy jesus, was it good. Make the trip, even if it means suffering detoured Parkway traffic on the weekends.
  • I’ve added new links over there on the right. New Podcamp friends. People I’ve been reading for a while who should have been there a long time ago. One who should post more than once a month (you know who you are). But they’re all worth a read. Go.
  • Podcamp got me thinking about Uncle Crappy’s place in the world. If there is one overriding message to take away from that weekend, it’s that social media is, duh, social — making connections, building community. I’ve largely deprived myself of that aspect of the whole blogging thing … and so I’m thinking about making some changes. There will be more about this later.
  • We’re rapidly heading towards the start of college football season. The Wife and I are talking about the first tailgate. I’m grumbling more and more about the fact that we open with a 1-AA opponent. I’m already thinking about games in late October (Penn State) and early November (Wisconsin) — but, no, coach, I’m not looking ahead. On Friday, I bought the bottle that will serve as our toasting liquid this season (oh, it’s going to be good…). It’ll be perfect — just as I start working to make Uncle Crappy a little more relevant to Pittsburgh, I start with this year’s edition of the All-Ohio-State-All-The-Time format.
  • Hm. Maybe if I mention Steely McBeam a little more often…

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  1. I used to live in Pittsburgh, its an OK city, but they need lots of good beer to have a good time there,…lol…just kidding, kind of. (it’s ok I lived there) Grateful Dead music is about unity and coming togother and having a good peaceful time, anybody detracting from that should simply be ashamed of themselves.


  2. You’re exactly right, on both counts. And I don’t know how long ago you lived here, but beerwise, it’s exceptional these days — eight — or maybe nine? — brewpubs/craft-brewers within an hour of dahntahn, and a mess of killer bottle shops. Things are looking good.


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