Y’all get a little something different today — a group effort, probably a little disjointed, from our favorite parking space just south of Ohio Stadium in Columbus. It’s a beautiful morning, despite being a little brisk — and we have plenty of provisions to deal with that issue. Like, say, the two pots of chili bubbling on the Coleman stove — or the flask in my pocket, which we broke out around 8:30 this morning.

Anyway, here’s the deal — I’m going to leave the laptop out for a bit, with instructions for today’s participants to write a quick something or other. You’ll get a sense of the personalities of some of our regulars, and I get my post for the day, without cutting into my drinking time too much. Here we go:

fred here: ethel and i are enjoying chili…breakfast of champions. finally a beautiful, cool-to-cold football morning. i don’t ask for much; just let me always have this.

The Wife here. Wearing silk long johns under shorts has kept me warm enough. Plus, the Father of Uncle Crappy is keeping us warm with charcoal in a turkey pan. Would like to tailgate all day, but there’sthat little thing called The GAME. Anyway, friends of Uncle Crappy should remember that the most important thing for cold weather tailgating is coffee and butterscotch schnapps. YUM! Go Bucks!!!

Ethel: having trouble with cold fingers on the laptop keyboard. Need to start drinking more, perhaps. I’m probably the only one glad it’s a noon game – more time for resting later… :-) Tailgating before the sun comes up – just seems weird to me. I’m with Fred on the weather, though – love the weather even though I’m cold. Better for the Bucks than 100 degrees!!!

OK kids — Think we got all the takers we’re going to get. In about 30 minutes, we pack up and head inside. Yinz might get a bonus post later tonight, especially if I’m primed for NaDruWriNi — we’ll have to see.

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  1. Sooooo jealous.

    I can smell the chili and the beer. I hear the O-H and the I-O.

    The one good thing that I can say about the Big Ten Network is that they know there is more to the game than just the football. They come early and show the ramp entrance, skull session, Script Ohio. They stay late and capture Carmen Ohio and the victory bell. Heck, a live shot today from outside the stadium an hour or so after the game ended brought back memories. I swear I could close my eyes, hear Hineygate in the background, the whistles of the traffic cops directing the last of the game traffic. I could smell the leaves and the beer. I am thankful for the Big Ten Network.

    Great game by the way. So glad that Kirk Barton took the offense aside and got them to step it up. Chris Wells looked as if he were on a mission. I liked the scary look in his eyes.


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