Football is stupid.


  1. I agree! I’ve been ‘out of touch’ for a couple of days – off on a weekend getaway to Holland with the wife & kids to visit the ‘muderland’, or whatever – Dutch TV didn’t quite cover the Saterday scores – tried my laptop out – found an unsecure wifi and I see ‘it’ –

    I had a feeling it was going to happen – not that i’m a p-sychic, but I had a strong sensation we lost. Damm that B-eye football chip!

    Okay- time to regroup – reasses, realize we’re okay – may not be BCS #1, but we’ve got a good game on Sat – I’ll be back late tomorrow – so my TV will again show football, instead of ‘football’


  2. UC,

    As a fan of Cleveland sports, you’re aware that we like to name our disappointments, “The Fumble”, “The Drive”, “Red Right 88”, “The Shot”, and so on.

    This one will forever be known as “The Timeout”. The Zooker wanted to give this one to us and The Sweater Vest gave the Illini 60 extra seconds to talk some sense into him. OUCHIE!!

    The Browns weren’t any better on Sunday. Call that one “The Timeout Timeout”. OUCHIE, OUCHIE!!! Boy, that clock mismanagement really stings.

    Here’s a thought….when will an AD get smart and schedule all of the tough games in September and the patsy’s in November? It seems to me that September losses are flesh wounds to team’s ranking and November losses are the death knell for the season. Just a thought


  3. UC,

    As you know, in Cleveland we name our sports disappointments, The Fumble, The Drive, The Shot, Red Right 88, et. al.

    This one will forever be known as The Timeout. The Zooker wanted to give this one to us, and Sweater Vest gave his team and staff 60 extra seconds to talk him out of it. OUCHIE!!

    Sunday wasn’t any better in a game that should be known as The Timeout Timeout. OUCHIE, OUCHIE!!! Clock mismanagement really stings!

    Speaking of management, when is an AD going to get smart and schedule all of the toughies in September and the patsy’s in November?


  4. I heard something that is hard to believe. The Sweater Vest has never challenged a call in 7 years of instant replay. Does he know that he can?


  5. Kristi: And we’ll get no explanation from the conference, because it’s policy not to discuss such matters.

    Large: The challenge system in college is dumb, because of what you lose if you’re wrong and because the NCAA says there cannot be televisions in coaches’ boxes, so a staff is really guessing as to whether a challenge is a worthwhile risk.

    And, that should all be superfluous, BECAUSE EVERY PLAY IS SUPPOSED TO BE REVIEWED ANYWAY.

    Apparently, they forgot that part last weekend.


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