maggie.jpgThe Wife and I — along with The World’s Coolest Mother-In-Law — just wrapped up our traditional Christmas Eve dinner — filet mignon topped with crab and asparagus this year — and finished wrapping the last few gifts that get delivered tomorrow. We’re going to enjoy another beer or two before heading to bed in plenty of time for Santa to have free reign in the house overnight.

I won’t be spending a whole lot of time with the computer in the next day or two, so I’ll pose the annual question now: What’s the best present you gave, and what’s the best one you got?

As busy as people tend to be this time of year, it’s easy for the good stuff to get pushed aside. This is about when I usually remember — on Christmas Eve, having a nice dinner with The Wife. Most of the work is behind us. Christmases with our families are still on the horizon. And we’ll get to see old and new friends.

All that stuff is what’s really important about Christmas. I hope you get some of that for yourself in the next few days.


  1. best gift i got was a “poop on joe” t-shirt that ethel had made for me…best i gave? ethel will have to let you know what she liked the best, but i consider the 8 fish, 3 course (4 course if you count the cookies) xmas eve meal i make for ethel and her father’s familia a fun little gift…love you two.


  2. I hoped Fred would consider that shirt a favorite. Me? Hard to tell – he outdid himself once again. His Xmas eve meal is getting better every year – I sampled everything but the oysters this time. OK, here’s corny for you: HE is really all I need so the gifts he gives are just an extension of the gift of being married to him…


  3. …aliens (or santa and the elves) have taken my wife…that or the amount of sugar we have been eating (re: cookies) have begun to cause seizure activity.


  4. I’m more an experience person than I am a thing person, so I remember the events of past Christmases more than the gifts exchanged.

    One year my brother Anthony brought a set of paints and some brushes and mini canvases, and we each painted a self-portrait. It was neat to see the way each person depicted him/herself.


  5. This year’s gift was a nice, quiet Christmas Day with my sweetie. I think it’s a gift we may give ourselves every year.


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