I mentioned a couple posts back that I had been neglecting a couple of friends who should have been mentioned by Uncle Crappy several weeks ago. I tried my best to make good with Rachel and her much-deserved quest for a 2008 Bloggie; I’m taking care of the other one right here and now.


A little bit before Christmas, Mike Woycheck launched Wear Pittsburgh, a line of locally designed and produced T-shirts that do a much better job of making fun of Pittsburgh than I could ever do. I waited to write about them here because I ordered a couple for Fred and DD — Pittsburgh expats both — to give as Christmas gifts. Fred got his Parking Chair shirt in a more-or-less timely manner, but I didn’t see DD until last weekend — and that’s the reason for the delay.

We’re big fans in the Crappy household too — The Wife got her own Parking Chair shirt as a pre-Christmas present, and I am the proud owner of not one but two limited-edition PittGirl Says Drink shirts. I wear them both proudly.

Mike and his helpers have done an awesome job so far, and I’m looking forward to adding to my collection. If you have any connection with the Burgh and want to show it off, visiting WearPittsburgh.com would be a great place to start.


  1. Wow! Thanks UC for the mad props! I’m ever so fortunate to have great supporters as yourself spreading the gospel of Parking Chairs and PittGirls everywhere.

    Seriously, thanks. I hope to see you soon!


  2. Yinz deserve it. The shirts are excellent, and my buddies were thrilled to get them. DD, who lives in Cleveland, vowed to wear his at every gig his band plays up there.

    Blogfest is coming soon…


  3. love the shirt, but i still don’t understand the big deal…isn’t that what everyone in the world does to save parking spots? while waiting at a red light, ethel continues to be both frightened and excited by the ‘burg-left.


  4. Karmapig,
    Maybe the fact that ethel is sitting in the passenger seat has something to do with it.

    As for the turn – makes complete sense to me – happens all the time where I’ve lived in NJ & NY.


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