This is the result of a CD cover meme Cindy brought to our attention the other day:


You can see Cindy’s result here, and Rachel’s here.

Want to play? The rules are simple. Click here to be directed to a random Wikipedia entry generator; the title of the article that pops up is the name of your band. Click here for a random quote generator; the last four words of the final quote on the page is your album title. And then click here for a page of recently submitted Flickr pix; the third one on the page is the cover art (several people have pointed out the necessity to use a photo carrying a Creative Commons license, which gives you permission to reproduce the shot).

For the record, my quote came from Oscar Wilde: “I sometimes think that God in creating man somewhat overestimated his ability.” And the art came from a beautiful shot you’ll find here. The photographer is on the money when he suggests viewing it at its largest resolution.

If everything was this cool, I’d never get any work done.


4 Replies to “covered.”

  1. I love the connection between the title/quotation and the photograph.

    That would be one freaky statue to put on one’s grave. I guess she’s supposed to be protecting the deceased, but she’s just scaring me.


  2. Cindy: that’s what I was talking about when I mentioned in your comments that I got lucky. I think I refreshed the Flickr page five or six times before I found a Creative Commons license in the correct slot. I didn’t really even notice the picture until after I saw the license info; I was pretty pleased when I finally looked.


  3. Cool stuff. You can check out mine at the dd69 blog. Would have been nice to have this concept before all of the gnashing of teeth and fisticuffs that went into our album design this time…


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