Another reason I’m not too upset to miss the Wilco show in Cleveland tonight? I have an excellent substitute: Blogfest 13.

Bloggers, podcasters and other media types — new, old and both, in some cases — will start showing up at Finnegan’s Wake on General Robinson Street around 5:30, and drinking, eating and conversing will ensue. If you’re one of the types mentioned above, you should definitely attend, because the night is a hoot.

We might be able to convince Cindy to make more tin foil animals, even if there isn’t cake this time.

See y’all there.


  1. Rachel: I like Carman’s idea — let’s just do this at your place.

    Woy: As sloppy as it is, having some towels on hand actually might not be a bad idea.


  2. Wilco played their show literally around the corner last night. However, we were in Chagrin for the first Skinny Moo show with the New Jeff (Jeff 2.0)

    It was a rollicking good time!


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