I think I just made up a new word with that title. Hm.

@ Our date on Sunday was spectacular. Dinner at Sonoma Grille would have been good enough by itself; the concert made it perfect. The Preservation Hall Jazz Band mixes guys who have played the New Orleans hall for decades — like trombone player Frank Demond, who might have been on stage when I saw the band for the first time in New Orleans as a 6 year old — to youngsters like Mark Braud, who just took over the seat vacated when his uncle, trumpeter John Brunious, passed away two months ago. Braud looked a little nervous the first few times he spoke to the audience — but the kid can play. He may not believe it yet, but he deserves the seat he holds.

@ I don’t have more to say about prom night that can’t be said even better by the pictures. Check back here — I’ve posted links to photos from a couple of others that’ll give you an even better idea of what went on. It was even OK that I didn’t have a date for Friday’s prom, as The Wife begged off after a long, nasty day at work. If I recall, I was also dateless for much of my senior prom as well … HP might be able to remember some of those details.

@ I promised public acknowledgement of one of my basketball pools, and I need to take care of it before the winner leaves for vacation. My father and I picked the brackets against each other this year … and he won. And he won big, too, although I don’t have the final scores with me at the moment. I also owe him ten bucks, but I think he was most interested in getting this mention on Uncle Crappy. So, Dad — there you go.

@ Work stuff is going to keep us tied up in Pittsburgh this weekend. And that means no trip to Columbus. And no spring game — unless my cable company decides to start carrying the Big Ten Network sometime in the next four days, and don’t even get me started on what I think about that possibility.

@ Not going to Columbus also means I’m out of peanut butter — and there isn’t a Kroger around here for hundreds of miles. Damn.


  1. I noticed last weekend that ESPN covered the Florida spring game. And I thought: WTF??? However, could that mean OSU’s spring game is worth covering?? It’s all a wash here, as Fred’s parents will be here, and they will have zero interest, I assume… Sorry we won’t see you and The Wife.


  2. Whether ESPN wants to cover Ohio State’s spring game is irrelevant — BTN owns those rights now…

    Still, I think we’d rather be there than here. We’ll get out there soon.


  3. There’s a Kroger about 40 miles away in Steubenville. Swear it. Just be sure to pick up some DiCarlo’s pizza while you’re over there to make the trip 100% worthwhile.


  4. There’s one in Weirton, too, but I would never recommend allowing your car to come to a complete stop while in that part of West Virginia. It’s worth the extra couple of miles.


  5. “Upcatcher” sounds okay to me when I imagine Yoda saying it. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.


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