What I learned at softball practice:

1) I need to spend some time in the batting cage.

2) When I do, I need to wear batting gloves.


  1. I have to agree with the mrs. Your bat sounded like it lost it’s pop. the Yinz Bat I used, that everyone seemed to love, felt a little dead too. I may have to go buy a bat.


  2. Spoon: I’ll probably get a new bat as well, although it could be that the batter was as dead as the bat…

    E: Yeah.

    Woy: Only if I can’t type. And here I am typing. Damn.

    TheJim: The Wife and I are both gimpy today; you’re not alone.


  3. ~*wince*~ That looks like it hurts… and I agree with Jim–at least you have something to show for it! I just get this contorted look of agony on my face when I try and move…

    Spoon: Don’t jinx the Yinz Bat, man… I think it was because you are just used to crushing wooden bats to bits when you swing… lol

    Jim: I feel your pain.


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