A weekend, in bad haiku:

Blogfest was awesome

sheet, it’s almost full

Hot. Open that door.

Empty the freezer

Before they head to Boston

Hey! Take home some steaks!

Mags go up in flames

Beer guys could write, turned out

Cornhole dulls the pain.

Vid shoot with the Sorgs

Rachel looked kind of nervous

See? That wasn’t bad…

Look — Pens on TV!

Holy crap, they scored again?

Calling Lord Stanley…

Need to post something

Cheap literary device?

Right — I have no shame.


  1. LOL. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I don’t even know the circumstances with the second one, but I’m laughing nonetheless.

    And HEY! I wasn’t *that* bad. :)


  2. Doug: What about the setup down there? I told Jeanette we’d be moving in once the weather got just a little warmer.

    Rachel: The husband of one of The Wife’s cousins just got transfered to Boston. I think he grilled an entire side of beef Saturday afternoon. And no worries about the interview — you did great.

    E: That was my first cornhole experience. I didn’t play an entire game (Match? Inning? Furlong?), but I think I could get addicted pretty easily.


  3. it’s a Spoonbill Lane staple…girls, guys, doesn’t matter. We have cornhole lines sprayed on the street for the 4th of July block party. Can’t believe you haven’t had one for tailgating…They make mini sets just for that…perhaps you should look into getting one for mom & dad


  4. Tailgating is serious business.
    Bloodies, snack, drink pass the football, eat, drink, toast, inside.
    As you can see, there is no time for games!
    Tailgating is hell. God, I love it so!


  5. Gotta go with The Wife here, because A) she’s right and B) she’s The Wife. I’d love to spend a little more time playing cornhole, but tailgating is about football … and maybe eating … and possibly drinking.

    But. Football. Mostly about football.


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