don’t try this at home.

I work in an office full of communications professionals.

We’re accustomed to being able to find the people we need quickly, getting the information we need quickly, and turning it around for our readers. Quickly.

But when something happens to interrupt that chain, it’s surprising how quickly everything dissolves.

Like, say, when the telephone system decides it’s going to be in service for only about half the day. Then you have the endless hilarity of reporters waiting for calls on their cell phones and then sprinting over to windows — or even going outside — so they can hear the callers.

I thought I had a good solution:  Grab the phone, a legal pad and the numbers I needed and set up shop at one of the picnic tables in back. Worked great … until a train rolled by, about 30 yards from where I was sitting.

Yeah. Forgot about the train tracks. Can I call you back? Like, maybe next week?


One thought on “don’t try this at home.”

  1. So did you watch the game last night? I caught the last 2 minutes of the 3rd and part of the 1st OT – then I said – I’ve got to be up at 6 a.m. – what am I doing? 3 OTs? The Avs won in the 3rd OT against Florida a couple of years back – nothing like watching 2 full games –


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