Mario Mendoza: Major League shortstop, 1974-1982. Played for the Pirates, Mariners and Rangers.

Mendoza’s career batting average: .215.

The Mendoza Line: A term, apparently coined by Hall of Famer George Brett, referring to a player whose batting average drops below .200; a poor batting average or a prolonged and severe slump.

Is there a blogging equivilent to the Mondoza Line? Because every year at about this time, I look at Uncle Crappy and wonder what the hell I’m going to write about.

And then I don’t write anything at all.


4 Replies to “slumping.”

  1. In the “It’s all about timing” category, Mario would have made $22 million dollars for his .215 average if he had played in the last ten years.


  2. In art it’s called, “The Blank Canvas”…maybe your readers should suggest some topics? Anything 4th of July might be fun. Chin up brother! The economy s#%^s (I’m not allowed to say that word in my house), we can’t drive anywhere but it is summertime.


  3. Amen sister!

    UC, we all have these 4th of July traditions so let’s hear about them. Bloody marys at 7am, parades, block parties, fireworks, BBQ’s. What makes the perfect 4th?

    Other topics:
    Olympics, Beer, Beer, Beer, House hunting, Air conditioning, Gas prices, Jevon Kearse’s DUI, update on summer concert series, Ohio State football, summer vacation plans, President Obama/VP Hiliary stories, etc.

    Good luck and prosper!


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