I’ve come to love Twitter. And I’ve come to hate it.

It is far and away the social media tool I use most. When it’s working.

The outages, however, are becoming more frequent. And more annoying.

The problem? I’m not sure what the possible alternatives are.

I’m getting tired of seeing the Fail Whale. Anyone have suggestions?


6 Replies to “fail.”

  1. Skip Plurk. I tried it for a week and decided it sucks more than the fail whale.

    The good news is that Twitter has started a revolution and recently hired several people that should be able to get things back on track. Time will tell.

    In the meantime, just think, you are missing me telling you more about turtles and thongs. There are details I left out, after all. For example, I never mentioned that she was wearing sweat pants with “Juicy” written across the back of them. You’re welcome.


  2. Fail Whale aside – It’s pehdtsckjmba time – I hope you enjoy the most northern point of Hydra – and even though dogs sense courage, mine, tonight, is emitting gastro-intestinal gases that do make you think about ass – ets. Worst part is – they don’t even care – never appoligize, or sulk away to a different corner of the house – they just let ’em rip – and with a Lab – she’s big enough that they are audible as well –

    Have fun – we’re heading to cow-town on Wed – leave late Sat. afternoon – drive at least into PA – then stop for the night – know of any decent hotels on I-80 in western PA?


  3. Mike: That hadn’t occurred to me. Good thinking.

    Kewyson: I’ve been a little swamped with work, which has kept me from focusing properly on Mr. Waits — in fact, we put off the drive to C-Bus until Saturday morning. But by the time we leave tomorrow, I’m certain I’ll be more than ready.

    As for your trip home next week — get off at I-79 and head south to the Grove City exit. There are a couple of newish hotels, an enormous outlet mall and, just a few additional miles away, North Country Brewing in Slippery Rock. It’s worth the extra effort.

    See you next week!


  4. I’m finished with Twitter. It’s not just the number of times the whale appears — it’s the overriding sense that he may show up at any time.

    In the couple of days since I’ve been off Twitter, I’ve felt sort of detached from everyone, which is a strange sensation. But I’m also getting a fair amount of work done, which is excellent.

    Anyway, I’m moving over to Pownce. Probably won’t spend quite as much time there as I did on Twitter, but I need somewhere to post extremely short observations. Join me!


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