I’ll keep a running list of WoyGirl Arrival Day Pool entries here. I’ll update as frequently as my work schedule allows.

  • July 18, Uncle Crappy
  • July 19, Karen
  • July 20, Sorgatron/Spoon/Danielle
  • July 21, Cindy/Jim Lokay
  • July 22, Spoon
  • July 23, Dawn
  • July 24, THindes
  • July 25, The Wife/Andrea
  • July 26, BBM
  • July 27, Elena/Scott/RachelB
  • July 28, Carla
  • July 29, Kim/TheAmy
  • July 30, TheJim/Scott
  • July 31, Wineplz
  • July 32, Kewyson*
  • Aug. 1, Will
  • Aug. 2, RachelS
  • Aug. 3, Michael
  • Aug. 4 and on, OPEN

*Unless he tells me otherwise, this is the date that Kewyson signed up for.

As of 10:35 a.m., that’s $72 total — $36 (plus a fabulous WearPittsburgh shirt) for the winner and $36 to help keep WoyGirl dry and comfortable. Nice job, so far — but we’re hoping for more.

As of 4 p.m.-ish, we have an $88 pot. Let’s break a hundred bucks, people.

It’s almost 10 p.m., and we’ve got almost $100 in the pot — $96, specifically. Maybe a couple more players?

10:09 p.m.: Andrea got us to a hundred bucks! Whooo!

Almost 11, and we’re up to $104.

4 Replies to “listed.”

  1. I don’t know all you guys all that well … but, I mean, come on? No one’s taken July 28? We can’t let that happen, can we?

    I’m in. July 28.

    UC – Will hand-deliver funds. Which means we must go out for beer soon. BDT?? And yes, the White Castle stop was amazing. Especially at 3 a.m. after the wedding/reception/post-reception-bar-party.


  2. Ooo, that’s the perfect time for White Castle. You made the experience as authentic as possible. Nice going!


  3. Amy wants to put in for the 29th and says she’s really sorry she picked something after the due date.

    Pounder, I’ll catch up with you and the $8 I owe you at the next convening of the Yinz or something.


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