• Recovery from the Great Poop Flood of 2008 is almost complete. The Jackass Landlord snaked the line on Thursday, clearing the backup and restoring indoor plumbing to everyone in the house. The remaining problem? Jackass Landlord still hasn’t capped the check valve — which essentially means I still have an open sewer line in my basement. A phone call to the city’s code officer — whom The Wife and I know very well — is mere hours away.
  • Because Jackass Landlord hasn’t finished his job, I haven’t been able to finish mine. The floors in the basement still aren’t disinfected, which means everything I brought up to clean after the Great Poop Flood of 2008 is still piled in our living room. I’m thinking about putting a Dick’s Sporting Goods sign over our front porch, because that’s what our apartment looks like.
  • If things go well, our involvement with Jackass Landlord — or landlords of any other variety — will be coming to an end soon.
  • I’d like to meet the guy who decided that kitchen garbage cans must be 14 gallons while kitchen garbage bags must be 13 gallons. And when I meet him, I’m going to kick him in the teeth.

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  1. We disinfected it ourselves the next day and the drain in the basement capped. We also had to buy very string cleaning supplies, run a fan and wore rubber boots. I still have the boots.

    Good luck on the house hunt and from what I’ve read that could be soon. Just in time for a fall housewarming party and delicious fall brews :)


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