Speaking of gambling, I’ve had a pretty good start to the fantasy football season. We’ll see how long it lasts.

Yinz League — Butler Bernies

I’m not how this happened, but I’m in first place here, undefeated despite being ninth out of 16 in scoring. Besides my tightightight win against Father Spoon in Week One, I’ve taken out PittGirl, the Mean Gene Machine and, last weekend, Death Valley Dawn’s 6 Demon Bag. And I’ve done it with a roster that would have a tough time beating many college teams. Go figure.

This weekend’s opponent? Dudley’s Death Drop, the team coached by our commissioner, tehjim. My only real hope for a win is if Jim is a little preoccupied by the birth of his son and forgets to make some key roster moves.

GBAPA League — Butler Braylons

Things ain’t going so well for me here — I’m fourth out of six, and I’m not really sure what to do about it. A couple of players I’ve been counting on for big points aren’t coming through, including the team’s namesake, who’s been so bad that I’m thinking of renaming the team. How does Butler Gimpy-Ass-Ball-Dropping-Michigan-Losers sound?

Pick ‘Em

Not good, but there’s time to recover. In the college game, I’m third of four — which is UNACCEPTABLE. In the pro game, I’m third of seven. That’s a little better.

The Bet

In The Big One against The Wife, I have an early lead, currently something int he neighborhood of five points. This follows the usual pattern — I’m good early, but then I start making stupid picks because I’m feeling too confident. And then The Wife kicks my ass. We’ll see.


  1. Will: I think magic is as good an explanation as anything for my Yinz League success so far. Your drafting skills are exceptional, sir.


  2. huge thanks for the ffb advice this weekend. We’ll see if me “taking it seriously” this week will actually work.


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