Two hauls, actually — one on Tuesday, and a big one coming up on Thursday.

Tuesday’s haul? The Wife has been bugging me to come check out a couple things at a used furniture store we’ve had some good luck with, so we drove over after having lunch. She was looking at a couple tables that might work for our dining room; they were OK, but the other stuff we found was even better:

This will be sitting in our kitchen, starting this weekend. The Wife had seen this on previous visits, but wasn’t sure I would be interested. And she was incorrect. We bought it immediately, along with a nifty Danish Modern endtable and something that looks like it could have been a bench but will make a fine coffee table in the new place.

Haul No. 2. As in UHaul. As in bright and early Thursday morning. We may not be in the house full-time until Saturday, but moving day is coming up fast.


  1. and it figures I’d be the first to comment on your new furniture.

    The kitchen table and chairs are freakin’ fabulous!!

    Yay yinz!


  2. I’m so excited for the two of you! I remember when Sorg and I bought our house. We couldn’t wait to move in! After the closing when we got the keys, we immediately went to the house and just stood there, inside the house, saying to ourselves that it was ours.

    Oh, and that table looks like the one that was left in the basement at our house when we moved in. TheSilentNinja now has it since he didn’t have a table when he moved into his apartment.


  3. That is a very serious kick ass score. It’s fabulous.

    Holler if you’re still looking for good places to buy used furniture and antiques. There’s a great one near my place that doesn’t seem to know how to price, much to the customer’s advantage.


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