sharpWhy we moved to Pittsburgh: It’s just a 15-minute drive from home to the Sharp Edge in Friendship.

OK. That’s not the only reason. But having easier access to the stuff we like to do was a big reason we started looking, and now that we’re here, we’ve been amazed again and again how easy things can be.

A trip to Ikea to buy a table for our dining room? About 15 minutes. Need a couple things from the hardware store? There’s a great local shop in Bellevue, just a couple of minutes up California Avenue.

And the Sharp Edge? Although we hadn’t been there for a while, the bartenders still know who we are — even though it took us an hour just to get there from our last home in Butler. Compared with that, tonight’s drive was blissfully short.

We’re going to like this. A lot.


  1. That place is about 20 minutes from me. We need to coordinate cells because I really like it there and would appreciate new Sharp Edge friends.


  2. It’s gonna be nice havin crappy this close. let me know when a Sharp Edge night is in order. SIDT’s The BeerGoddess bartends there :)


  3. Norm: Crafton would be closer, and Sewickley is just five minutes away. But we’re stubborn, and we like the Emporium.


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