Another season, another successful YinzTeam sporting venture.

And another reason to eat Advil like they were M&Ms.

I actually felt pretty good upon completion of the first-annual YinzTeam Turkey Bowl, a flackle football game held Saturday at Bellevue Memorial Park. I caught one touchdown pass, made another reception, defended a pass intended for Papuga (this may or may not have involved what technically could be called “pass interference”), and was in on a couple of other stops.

I also suffered under the delusion — just once, mind you — that I could pressure Woy while he was playing quarterback. I didn’t know — until that very play — that Woy could also run like Barry Sanders. Ahem.

Want some additional photographic evidence? Check Jennie’s Flickr set; I’m the fat old guy.

A bunch of the players headed back to the new house for samples of The Wife’s excellent chili and tortellini soup and some Keystone.

And then we died.

No, not really. That’ll come tomorrow morning.


  1. PG: Mr. Lokay claimed he wasn’t going to play, on account of his bum knee, which he injured on that very field a few weeks ago. But once a debate about his manhood developed, he whipped a knee brace OUT OF HIS COAT POCKET, pulled it on, and scored a touchdown in street clothes. It was either impressive or hysterical. Still not sure which.

    TheJim: Glad to hear there’s already talk of doing it again. Count us in.


  2. Totally was pass interference!! Also totally forgiven due to the awesomeness of soup, chilli, and completely awesome conversation a casa del Crappy for post game!


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