5 Replies to “advice.”

  1. Everyone should take your advice. If you’re going to pretend to be Irish at least drink the milk of the land and not some commercialized Americanized green dyed bullshite


  2. UC, ye of worldly wisdom and sophisticated tastebuds…

    One man’s idea of Heaven is Guiness’ St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin. And, since eternity is a long, long time to spend in any one place, it’s important to have a variety of quality options, like Harp and Smithwick’s, at your fingertaps…I mean tips.

    Enjoy all the frothy goodness.


  3. But wait, green Kool Aid is good. Really good.

    Green Beer, however, is not.

    Thanks for the tip, UC!


  4. I can’t drink Guinness here in the States anymore, at least not straight. However, I do like these and can down quite a few:


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