It’s perhaps one of the most difficult jobs anywhere — working as a guitar tech for the Avett Brothers.

I’ve seen these guys twice, both at free shows during the Three Rivers Arts Festival. And I can say this — those instruments get abused: banjos tossed around, strings broken everywhere, a cello wielded like a guitar. Tough work indeed. Take a look:

I can also say this — you won’t find more energy on a stage anywhere. I’m still not sure how to categorize the Avetts — punk-bluegrass comes to mind, but I don’t think that quite covers everything.

But I’m happy I get another chance to figure it out. They’re coming back to Pittsburgh in June for a show of their own at Carnegie Music Hall in Munhall. This one isn’t a free show, but with fifth-row seats, we’re going to have a better view than we ever did on the Stanwix Triangle.

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  1. They come thru Boise every year….lots o’ energy and yeah…instrumental damage.

    Fun, high energy show.

    My fi-ance has gotten to know them over the years…fun fellers to have cocktails with.


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