We have entries from AA, the Sister, Kewyson, Dawn, HP, Ethel, Spoon, Jack, Burgh Baby, Gina, Mystery Michelle, Mr. Burns, Large, Fred and, thanks to a lot of coin flippage, Juan. And in the interest of being as transparent as possible — and because I have a shitload of work stuff to do today and I probably won’t get the gigante pics summary up as soon as I would like — here’s a peek at my picks:

Michigan State v. Memphis / Pitt v. North Carolina

Memphis beats North Carolina

I’ll elaborate on that later.

If you’ve given me an entry and your name isn’t on the above list, let me know. And if you still intend to enter, you’ve got just under three hours.


  1. Here are mine. Sorry … was a bit preoccupied yesterday with my little recital and all.

    Louisville vs. Memphis / Villanova vs. UNC

    Louisville vs. UNC


    And yes, I picked Siena over your Buckeyes today. Just to spite you. ;)



  2. OK, my God U.C. can bitch when he wants you to do something — Do your brackets! Do your brackets! Do my blog!
    So here you go:

    Louisville v. Wake
    UNC v. Pitt
    Final — Pitt v. Louisville with Louisville winning.
    The closer Pitt gets, the more they choke!

    Carla, I picked Bobby Mo on one sheet! Its Mich St., Izzo cried on the bench this season. The hometown boys have a chance!


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