facebook-small-logoI’m being overrun.

Members of my high school class are slowly discovering Facebook, and the floodgates have opened. Given my well-documented misgivings about our real world class reunions, I was initially a little dubious about this. But as some of my favorite people in the whole world have found me there in the last couple weeks, I’ve become a bit more relaxed with the idea. Maybe it’s not such a horrible thing.

However — there are some things my new/old friends should know.

In general, I’m a lousy Facebooker. I forget it’s there for days at a time. When I do remember, I’m apt to just update my status and move on. If you write on my wall or send me a message, I will see it, and I will respond. But it may take a while.

I will almost never take a quiz. I’ve been on there for a while, and I think I’ve agreed to take maybe two. I avoid a lot of the other stuff too, although I’ve come to love the Athens Gifts app, and if you have clever Flair — that bulletin-board thing with all the buttons on it — I’ll probably play along.

I’m a sucker for memes. I won’t do all of them, but if one seems interesting — and especially if I’m struggling for blog post ideas that day — I’ll give it a try. I do them a bit differently, though; they’ll be posted here, and you’ll see them on my FB page as a note.

I’m still figuring out pictures. I don’t mean I don’t know how to post them; I do mean I’m not sure where my online photo gallery should be. I like my Flickr page, and although I don’t use it nearly enough, that wins out over FB for the moment.

Video goes on YouTube. Period.

If you want more, come here. My five-year-old blog is where I do most of my personal online stuff. With the exception of weekends, I try to update it every day. You are all welcome here. And I hope you leave a comment; unless you’re a complete jackass, I’ll approve it. I spend a lot of time on Twitter as well — that account is restricted, but if I know you, I’ll be happy to let you in.

I’m happy to see y’all, really. If I can trouble you to be just a bit patient with me, I think we’ll all have a good time.