If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, you should listen to what this guy has to say:

The only bad part? We can’t go to AA‘s tournament on Saturday. As we found out just yesterday, we’re hosting Easter for the family, and, uh, that means we have some work to do. So instead of cheering on the Ohio State women’s team, we’ll be pulling up the carpet in the living room and trying not to coat everything — including our lungs — with that horrible blue shit that used to be the padding underneath.

We do have some rugby-related fun in the very near future, though. On April 4, we’ll be watching AA and the other Angels play a home game, uh, somewhere in the Pittsburgh area — any idea where that might be, ladies? — and then playing with them that night at their bar.

Unless something changes between now and then, the second part of Rugby Day is going to be more than a little bittersweet. I’ll explain more about that next week.

In the meantime, though, come Saturday you should either check out the tournament or stop by our house to give us a hand with the damn carpet. If you choose the latter, bring kneepads and an extra bottle of Murphy’s Oil Soap, OK?


  1. Thanks so much, sir… YOU are awesome!

    If you’re STILL tearing up carpet when I’m done on Saturday, I’m down w/ helping. I’ll explain why, exactly, later…

    I wish I had more info for you on April 4th but I don’t and you know why. I CAN tell you that the game will probably be in Boyce Park. :-)


  2. AA: I do. I’m still holding out hope that something is going to fix itself before next weekend. If not … well, we’ll cover that next week.


  3. Mrs. Crappy’s family will be joining us. How’s it going there? Everything painted beige yet?


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