We’re down to the final game of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and, for the purposes of the Fourth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge, we’re down to two contestants who can win it all.

There are a bunch of you — four, specifically — who picked North Carolina as your eventual champion, but just one of you, Kewyson, had a pretty good head start heading into the weekend by picking three of his Final Four correctly. He holds four points going into Monday night’s game, and a win by the Tar Heels would give him seven, an insurmountable lead over Mystery Michelle and Carolina Boy, who would each end up with six, and Carla, who would end up with five.

And although her native North Dakota isn’t exactly Big Ten country, BurghBaby did me proud — she’s the only one of us who picked Michigan State to win it all. If Sparty comes through, BB will leapfrog everyone else to take our title.


What will Kewyson or BB win? I’m not saying the prizes will necessarily be the same, but just a day ago, Father Spoon received his Fabulous Prizes* for winning last year’s THAUCNFFC — an impressive trophy and an autographed picture of Uncle Crappy, circa 1984 and all the associated feathery-haired goodness. Kewyson already has one of the those pics — he would have received his something like 24 years ago — so I might have to come up with something else for him if Carolina wins tomorrow night.

But. BB? If you win? I guarantee one of those pictures will be yours.

*Prizes not actually fabulous.


  1. The feathered hair is parted in the middle? or the side? I’ll have to go check my yearbook.

    Here’s my call…..BB is going to win. Sorry Kewyson.


  2. I love it when a plan comes together.

    Sorry – all this nostagia from the mid-eighties took me back to the A-Team – hot tubs and absent parents – oh, what a troubled life I lead.

    If by chance UNC does win, I feel a bit obligated to allow BB to touch, feel and understand the feathered one – as I said before – I didn’t do much work picking these out – just googled until I found a bracket sheet I didn’t have to pay to see – kinda like watching a drive in movie from afar –

    Either way – I’d like to thank my friends, family, and especially my dogs, who have never judged me, regardless – and there has been a couple of regards –

    Oh wait – let’s wait until after the game!!

    (even though I look to win fabulousness if UNC does win, I’m rootin’ for MSU – deep deep down, I’m either a Big Ten supporter or a Duke guy – boo hiss goes Mrs. C. )


  3. Let’s stop the discussion about the A-Team parties RIGHT THERE — my parents still don’t know about those.

    (Of course, that’s the perfect example of why I always thought I was getting off easy when my dad would smack me on the arm and say, “That’s for all the stuff you did that I don’t know about…”)

    And? Duke? Really? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that you’re a Yankees fan now…


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