The box shrubs in front of our house are gone.


We both had night shifts at our respective papers today, because of the election, so Mrs. Crappy decided this morning would be perfect to pull up the bushes. The fact that I had instructions from my doc to not lift anything with my left arm as to not harm my stitches didn’t seem to matter. I was good at bringing stuff to her, though.


The bushes didn’t give up so easy. We ended up strapping them to a tow bar on the truck of our neighbor — who generously offered his help — and pulling them out that way.


We know what will be the primary occupant of the newly vacant space — a Japanese maple we’ve already purchased. We have some power washing and painting of the porch to take care of first, but I think by the time the weekend is over, the front of the house will look very, very different.


  1. Nice work! Did you find any treasures as you were digging? When I pulled up the ugly bushes in front of our Cleveland house I found a quarter from the 1930’s. Very cool.


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