It’s a hockey night in Pittsburgh, and on Twitter, that inevitably means a onslaught of letangssexhair hashtags.

I’m not entirely clear on who started the best-ever unofficial Penguins hashtag on the whole internet; I do know it began during the series against the Caps, and I’m going guess it was the creation of either @kdudders or @adriennemcc, my two favorite Twittering Pens fans. Maybe one of them can set me straight on this.

I’ve been struck by something else in regards to letangssexhair. While I watched a post-game interview a few days ago, I was struck by a resemblence I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It took a minute, but I eventually figured out who it was: Kris Letang has a famous, long-lost brother in one of my favorite bands.


I’m just sayin’…


  1. #letangssexhair was born the night he scored his first post season goal this year. And while I did call that he would score, the glory of the hashtag is all @adriennemcc’s. I will be forever grateful to her. XOXO,


  2. Kdudders: And she said as much on Twitter, just a few minutes ago. Thank you for your unforgettable contribution to hockey lexicon.


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