Today was a good day.

  • I slept in until 9. We shut of the AC when we went to bed, and it didn’t take long for the upstairs to cool off to the point where it was just about exactly perfect.
  • We started the day at Tangers, where I picked up another cool linen shirt. And Mrs. Crappy is now a member of the Cult of Crocs.

    She didn't, however, select these.
    She didn't, however, select these.
  • We stopped to visit Burgh Baby, who offered to give us some gerber daisies and some other stuff from her garden. We also found a very talkative Alexis, who was very happy to tell us about the planned decor for her new bedroom.
  • From there we drove to McTighe’s in Shaler, to buy some more flowers and stuff for the boxes that hang from our front porch.
  • Once at home, we cut grass, planted stuff, and got ready to plant more stuff. BB’s daisies have a new home and I hope we can have this in its place in the front yard in the next day or two.tree
  • After a couple hours — and a good shot of water from the sprinkler, the stuff we imported from BB’s garden hadn’t died yet. Score!daisies
  • When I had my tumor removed on Monday, I got yet another bottle of antibiotics, complete with instructions about not drinking until I was through with them. I was not pleased about this; I had just completed nearly two weeks of involuntary sobriety as I was getting over The Plague, and I wasn’t happy about having to do it again. My mind was changed by Mrs. Crappy; she almost always sides with the doctors, but in this case, she made an interesting point — I’ve been taking antibiotics for more than three weeks, and at this point I could probably heal people simply by touching them. I agreed wholeheartedly; the seal was broken with a Great Lakes Grassroots Ale.
  • Pens win! Pens win!


  1. Okay…I actually like the shoe that she didn’t get but oh well.

    Your yard is going to look fabulous when it is all said and done – can’t wait to see pictures.

    Happy Sunday up there in PA


  2. This made me laugh: I could probably heal people simply by touching them. Crappy Messiah!

    Instead of working outside this weekend, the Fred and Ethel household steam cleaned all rugs and the couch. And yet still there is dog hair everywhere. Sigh.


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