The Avett Brothers show Tuesday night was spectacular. Brother Anthony and I each got stood up by our dates, who shall go unnamed *coughmrscrappyaaacough*, but we met Mr. and Mrs. Burns for drinks and dinner beforehand and I talked Yohe into coming down for the show as well. You missed a good night, ladies.



On the way home from work Tuesday evening, my car got tagged from behind by a guy didn’t think stopping for an ambulance was as important as I did. Let the insurance wrangling begin!



I have a short week this week, which means I’m scrambling to get my weekend feature done today. This is not unusual; it’s just happening a little earlier in the week than normal.



Why I’m off after today: Phish at Star Lake Thursday night. I might be excited about this.

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  1. Good is putting it lightly…the show was great. Amazing energy, great musicianship, nice old time harmonies. Reminded me of what I think The Band must have been like back in the day…

    You might be excited…wow with the understatements. Thats like saying I might need to have something to drink in the next 30 days…Or I might need to go to work this year…

    Cant wait! See you there.


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