On the recommendation of our bartender last night, we drive into Niagara Falls today in search of Consumer’s Beverages, which he promised we would like.

Um, yeah. “Like” is definitely an understatement. It doesn’t look like much from the street, and neon green and yellow sign isn’t especially inviting. Inside, however, were a half-dozen sets of shelves with nothing but bombers, more shelves with six-packs, and a full cooler with both.

I set myself a $100 limit; we walked out with 13 bottles — two of which are for others — and spent $107. In Pennsylvania, that same haul would have cost me at least another fifty bucks.

I am a happy, happy boy.


  1. Next time, I expect to be consulted for special orders. I’ll hand over cash. ;)

    cannot wait to read about the Wilco show, even though I will be seething in jealousy.



  2. Ben Franklin said that beer was proof that God existed and that he loved us. Ben was a very smart man.


  3. Doogle: We got a bottle of our own, too. Although, if we really like it, we might get into yours…

    RPM: Fear not. We’re about five weeks away from regular trips to Columbus, where the selection is just as good and the prices might be even better. I take requests…


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