“96 Tears” by ? and the Mysterians is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll song ever. Discuss.


  1. This is, indeed, a great song. The best? Well, I’ll leave that up to yinz guys, the experts.

    The look they have and their graphics are exceptional. I give them an A+ in those categories.


  2. Hmmmm – I vote no – no emotion for me – don’t know if this was ground breaking in some way – but I would not put this in same category as Jessica by AB or others –

    Side note – I’m driving to Cowtown manana – 9 hours in car – and I’ll give Wilco a 2nd try – years ago I bought Yankee Foxtrot Hotel and it did not do much for me – if you can respond back by early afternoon with what you think is their best album – I’ll get it and give it a try –


  3. Kewyson: I’d suggest either Sky Blue Sky or the live record, Kicking Television. And the best way to figure out Wilco is to see them play, like for example in Cbus on my birthday (Whoooo!).

    As for 96 Tears — you may recall that I’ve always had an affinity for the garage band ethos: outsiders, rough around the edges. ? and the Mysterians fits that perfectly. Another good one I listened to on the way to work today: You’re Going to Miss Me, by the 13th Floor Elevators.


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