If you’ve seen a college football game in Columbus, you’ve seen this before — but perhaps not from this angle. The Ohio State University Marching Band takes the field the same way — call Ramp Entrance — for each home game. The percussion section always goes first, to a silent count; when the drummers start their cadence, the rest of the band follows, in precise lines down the ramp and on to the field.

This one, however, is different, in that it was the biggest game in the history of Ohio Stadium, when No. 1 Ohio State hosted No. 2 Michigan in 2006. The intensity? I’m guessing it was a bit higher than normal, just like everything else that day.

Yes. I was there.

I have a feeling I’m going to be posting lots of these in the next few weeks. Peaking too soon? Please…


  1. After moving from Texas, my sister and brother in law now live in Columbus where he is a doctor at the University Hospital. Lately, everything, and I do mean every shirt and hat I see him wear is emblazoned with Ohio State’s logo. They’ve lived there less than a year. What the hell is in the water over there?


  2. PittGirl: The medical center is a very spirited place about the football. I know a surgeon who has a big Block O painted on the floor of his robotics operating room.


  3. I was just on the OSU campus for a wedding. They played the fight song when the bride and groom entered the reception. It is very hard not to be an OSU fan in that city.

    Crappy next time you are in Columbus go to Elevator bar. Beautiful place full of art nouveau and they make their own beers. Delish. The night manager is from PGH too! It should be a SIDT drink tour stop for sure.


  4. PG: In general, explaining Columbus isn’t that hard: 1) No professional sports franchises (until recently) 2) Ohio State’s college football program has been very good for a very long time. As far as your BIL goes, it seems to me he’s a highly intelligent, perceptive guy.

    Doogle: I’ll do whatever I can to help.

    Norm: I haven’t been to the Elevator in many years and, I think, a couple of owners. I’ll make sure we hit it at some point during the season.


  5. Me likey! I just wish I could say I’ve seen it in person. Ahhh, for the band nerd to see the script Ohio in person. (That’s sad, really.)


  6. AAA: Not sad at all. I’ve seen it dozens of times, and I still get chills with each and every one.


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