Hoo, that was an interesting few days.

  • As Mr. Bearer and a few others pointed out, Mr. Baldridge’s offending post was taken down a few hours after my post went up. Seriously, Shannon, I hope you try again — just put a little effort into it next time, OK?
  • I didn’t write a follow up to that post because Mrs. Crappy and I were headed to Batavia, N.Y., to see our second Phish show of the summer, at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. The trip up was a good one, highlighted by a stop at Wegmans in Erie to pick up beer (In a grocery store! In Pennsylvania!) and other supplies. Dear Every Other Grocery Store I’ve Ever Set Foot In: Be more like Wegmans. Apparently being really good isn’t that hard.
  • We stayed at a nice private campground south of Batavia for the trip. They had a pool, firewood that would not burn and tent sites that were kind of sunshiny first thing in the morning. They also had dew that seemed to fall like rain, although that had more to do with the weather than the campground.
  • The show was hot, in both the meteorlogical and musical senses. I’ll discuss the musical part in much more detail later this week.
  • The local law enforcement community seemed to be happy to see 25,000 hippies converge on their area — so happy, in fact, that we had nearly constant accompaniment all the way back to Batavia. We had to go through not one but two checkpoints on the way back to the campground, one just outside the park run by state police and one at the Batavia city limits, and saw at least another half-dozen traffic stops in between — I never drink once we go inside the venue, so I was in good shape for the drive back, but still — that does not make for a low-stress trip.
  • We also stopped at Wegmans on the way back, for more beer. Dear Every Other Grocery Store I’ve Ever Set Foot In: Please see previous grocery store-related note.
  • Mrs. Crappy wasn’t feeling so hot upon our return, because, we think, of a stop at the world’s nastiest Bob Evans — so she missed the oddest softball game I’ve ever played in. We didn’t have enough players for two full teams, but we had enough for three four-person batting teams, which rotated through six innings, complete with ghost runners, while the rest us played in the field. The game was fun and stopping at Rivertowne Pour House after for dinner and beer was even, uh, funner.
  • Mrs. Crappy still wasn’t feeling well on Saturday, so she didn’t attend the housewarming at the home of BBM, who made wonderful grilled pizzas for all those who attended. We thanked her by mercilessly hassling her about the Dora the Explorer plates we used for dinner. Mrs. Crappy also missed a great evening at the Sharp Edge, organized by @pghjen, ostensibly to welcome Abby back from Ireland. We also talked about beer, college football, Big Ten campuses, Wii bowling and this Ohio State-related thing AAA is making for me that I will not discuss until it’s done, because it’s too wonderful to even try to describe.
  • Mrs. Crappy is feeling much better, and she appreciates your concern.
  • This afternoon, I covered my first-ever hot dog-eating contest at a local regatta. It was something to behold (AAA can confirm this — she wanted to get out of her house and I’m sure was thrilled to watch three sweaty guys choking down hot dogs as her reward). The same regatta has fireworks coming up here in a few minutes, so I’m stopping right now.
  • C’mon. We’re talking about fireworks here…


  1. I can confirm. The hot dog eating contest was ridiculous. I made the bad choice of getting a funnel cake before it started. I did eat most of it before the spectacle began, but once it did? I left a good 1/4 to 1/8 behind. The thought of hot dog buns dipped in water makes me sick.


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