Thank you for your concern and your wishes that I remain “healthy and upright.”

I don’t have swine flu, or flu or any other kind. If you’re coming to our house for the Pizza-Off, be confident that I’m not going to send you home with anything other than leftover pizza.

I have some kind of boy problem. A kidney stone is the likely culprit. But it’ll be a while before I find out for sure.



  1. For some reason I suspected this. It’s a long explanation having to do with a friend of mine whom you remind me of, and his health issues, and you’re of a certain age, and.. Yeah. sorry.

    Anyway, hope everything comes out all right.



  2. I can’t help but notice that the only comments here are from the ladies. I imagine the guys are all off huddled in their corners, thinking, “Better him than me, better him than me…”

    RPM: Worst pun ever. But thanks anyway.


  3. There is definitely a procedure to smash them. It’s called lithotripsy. We wrote a story about it at OSU Medical Center. I’m sad to hear it will be awhile until you find out for sure. Dang it, it’s painful.

    It’s not easy being an adult.


  4. I had a stone, passed it in about 90 minutes. In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, “Done and done.”

    Good luck and good health, UC.


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