Seventeen years ago — give or take a couple weeks — I was walking through the offices of the student paper at OU when I noticed the new GA writer, the one with glasses and long hair.


Ten years ago today, the new girl and I got married.

When I found Mrs. Crappy all those years ago, I found the person who’s willing to put up with me and my long list of idiosyncrasies. I found my best friend. I found my constant companion. I found someone who laughs at my jokes, even as she’s rolling her eyes. I found someone who not only gets my sense of humor but shares it. I found someone who is as passionate, and as stubborn, as I am.

I found the person I was supposed to spend my life with.

She’s given me more than I can ever repay her for. Fortunately for me, I have the rest of my life to try.


  1. I’m with Kim, except I’m crying INTO my coffee. Congrats, you two! I’d wish you many more happy years, but I think you have that under control.


  2. Con grat u lations!

    10 years – a home – wow – what could be next – you’ve secretly been raising 3 children and are waiting for the best time to inform us?

    Hope you all have a great weekend-


  3. aahh! I missed it! I was offline all weekend. Ten great years…congratulations. You two are a perfect fit.


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