It’s going to be the best one yet.

Podcamp Pittsburgh 4 kicks off Friday night and runs through the weekend, with the best schedule of sessions we’ve ever had and about 247,684 people  — including HP and DD — planning to attend.

You’ll see me around all weekend, doing volunteer stuff, attending sessions or, on Saturday morning, running (holy crap!) a blogging 101 session for those who want to find out firsthand what this stuff is about.

I can take no credit for how good Podcamp is going to be this year, as I stayed away from the organizational side of the thing this time. But: More sessions. More attendees. More sponsors. The folks who ran the show this year outdid themselves, and we’re all going to benefit from their work. Congrats in advance, guys, and thank you.

If you’re not yet registered, you may be out of luck — my understanding is there’s a waiting list for any of the spots that open up between now and Saturday morning.

And if you have registered, I’ll see you bright and early Saturday morning.

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