It was a great weekend. And I am completely exhausted.

Podcamp Pittsburgh 4 wrapped up just a few hours ago. We had great sponsors, great sessions and great folks participating on both days. We also had HP and DD visiting for the weekend, and Mrs. Crappy and I had a great time with them as well.

Over the next few days, I’ll have some of my own pix ready to go (the above shot of Creation Rex was taken by my friend Jenn) along with a couple recaps of the stuff we did — including one that I hope will highlight the early efforts of some of the people who have started up new blogs after attending my Blogging 101 session on Saturday, as well as a full accounting of the not one but two birthday chops I received Saturday night.

But first — we have to celebrate my birthday with Wilco in Columbus, and, like everyone else who got in a full weekend of Podcamping, we need about 12 hours of sleep.


  1. thanks for the Blogging 101 session – it was fun to see the joyful faces of the next wave of Pittsburgh bloggers. Happy Birthday!


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