There are times when it is advantageous to live in Florida. If Mrs. Crappy and I make it down to my sister’s new house in Naples this spring — when the weather in Pittsburgh is struggling to do anything but be rainy and cold — I’ll be happy to remind you about that.


There are other times when living in a state without any significant changes of the season — or at least changes that seem like different degrees of summer, rather than actual solstices and equinoxes — can be kind of a drag. Mrs. Crappy and I had an excellent time when we visited E’s family for Christmas a few years ago, but we both also found the 70-degree weather — and my sister’s neighbors’ complaints about how chilly it was — a bit disconcerting.


She’s aware of this as well. When I posted something about noticing a slight chill in the air on a late-August Sunday evening, E left a comment about how much she missed fall, and that she wanted to see more pictures like the one that accompanied that post.


That I can do. The pictures here were shot in parks near our home or near my office, and they all link to a Flickr set with more. Oh, and I shot some video, too:

Happy birthday, E. It’s all here for you, any October you want to come up for a visit.


  1. As a former Floridian, I can tell you, I would much rather have seasons than not. I remember playing volleyball on the beach over Christmas … and it just didn’t feel right.

    For me, I learned to appreciate summer because of winter, and vice-versa. Same with spring and fall. Different seasons bring different beers, different foods, different clothes, different habits. I love it — and wouldn’t want it any other way.


  2. Oh Big Brother – I LOVE it!! The crunching leaves and the way the trees sound as the wind blows through the crispy branches. Also the stream with the little waterfall…in a couple of months it will still be running but with ice and snow around it. Autumn is amazing and so poetic and it just isn’t happening in Florida. A great birthday present!


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