Thanks, Eleven Warriors.

This has been an interesting football season.

I knew the game against USC would be tough, and I’m still irritated about the result. Other games that I thought could be tests — Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota — weren’t.

And then there was Purdue. We’re not going into that one.

One thing has remained a constant: I knew November would be tough. Penn State on the road; a surprising Iowa team, which has remained undefeated through a schedule of death, at home; and then The Game, in Ann Arbor.

Tough, yes, but that’s why we’re here. The Vest is fond of saying that great teams play great in November. We’re nine games into the 2009 season, and I still don’t know if Ohio State is a great team or not, but we’re going to find out over the next three weeks.

We start on Saturday, when Ohio State plays my second-favorite game of the year, the annual match against Penn State. As the season was getting ready to begin, I wrote about this game and its growing importance to me. It’s always a big one, and I wanted to celebrate by watching it with you — all the Buckeyes I’ve come to know in Pittsburgh and all the Nits as well.

We’re making one change to the event as it has been advertised on the Pittsburgh Tweetup site — we’ll be meeting at the Sharp Edge Beer Emporium in Friendship instead of Ruggers, mostly because our ruggers will be in Houston playing for a championship of their own. Gametime is 3:30, so you’ll want to get there a little early to claim a prime seat and get some munchies before things get serious.

And things will get serious, boys and girls — both teams have just one conference loss, and both are still in position to win the conference and claim that trip to the Rose Bowl in January.

It doesn’t get much better than this, kids. I hope to see you there.

If you think you might be attending, please let me know. If we have enough people coming, I’ll call ahead to get us some tables.


  1. CB: I suspect there was some subtle Photoshopping done here … but not too much.

    And no, you didn’t. But we’re getting closer.


  2. Even though I am a Pitt Alum, I find I still have a tiny bit of love for PSU leftover from my one semester there. Actually, I think it’s from the years of going to every Pitt/Penn State game (when there still was such a thing) growing up and rooting for them instead of Pitt.


  3. Now this is what I like! College football – smack, and Bucks! As the gov of CA inspired me:

    Got to
    Overnight the Package
    Celery is a favorite snack for
    Kids, we’ll never know the
    Sense of making it mandatory.
    Parents, we know you
    Entertain you children
    Nightly, but just say
    No. No to the
    Treatment of one
    Another as if
    There was nothing
    Else to root for – Buckeyes!


  4. I missed a word – whoops – child just threw up – man – love that smell and ongoing clean up. Can I throw her outside like the dog?


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