When Ohio State athletics department folks said the uniform rumors were untrue yesterday, they were apparently were referring to the concept of an “alternate jersey.”

The Bucks won’t be wearing “alternate” jerseys when they visit Michigan Nov. 21. But they will be wearing “throwback uniforms,” to commemorate the undefeated national champion 1954 team.

The unis will be based on the 1954 versions, as interpreted by Nike. There is also apparently consideration to wearing white helmets, like the ’54 team did.

The guys at Buckeye Commentary dug up a nice chart showing the progression of Ohio State’s uniforms through the years. The ’54 unis aren’t bad:


But I’m betting that’s not what they’ll look like. I’m betting they’ll look more like this:



It pisses me off that Nike gets to tinker with tradition like this, and no one at the university has a problem with it. And it especially bothers me that we have to put up with this crap on the day when Ohio State football tradition should mean the most. I don’t want my team to look like Oregon; I want my team to look like Ohio State, especially when we’re playing Michigan.

I also find it irritating that AD Gene Smith would play games like this. When asked by the Dispatch yesterday about the possibility that the Buckeyes would be wearing alternates of some kind, he texted a clear, definite response: “No.” And then a couple hours later, Gene issues a statement about how excited everyone is to take part in Nike’s special throwback uniform program (replica versions of which will be on sale to the public just in time for the holiday season, I’m sure). Games like this don’t make the athletics department look good, Gene — in fact, it looks almost as bad as those damn jerseys.

Want to honor the 1954 team? I think a patch on the current jersey would do the trick.

But then, Nike doesn’t make much money selling patches.


  1. Susan: Woody started that tradition in 1967, when he changed the unis to what you see on the field today. I have a bunch of the stickers; I’d be happy to give you one next time you make it out here…


  2. How do you reconcile this conservative stance on OSU unis, with your generally liberal nature? Or, are you coming over from the dark side?


  3. First they force us to have a stupid casino and now they are forcing us to have stupid uniforms. This week in Ohio has sucked. And I never ever think Ohio sucks…


  4. Large: Generally, I believe that over-the-top traditionalists tend to miss out on a lot of fun. But this is a money grab, and it pisses me off. As I said in the post, if you want to pay tribute to the ’54 team, put a freaking patch on the real jersey. Hell, I’d buy one of those and get my dad one too.

    Amy: We live five minutes away from Pittsburgh’s brand new casino. We’re not fans, but it’s not the end of the world, either.

    CB: I’ll be worried about Michigan in 2010. This year? The jerseys are probably a bigger concern. (Although once we get to the week of The Game, I’ll never admit I said that.)


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