Thanks, Eleven Warriors.

These uniforms nearly caused me to have a seizure a week ago.

I’m doing better a week later.

Maybe it was just a trick of the lighting, but the first pictures I saw of Nike’s Rivalry uniforms looked like they had huge swaths of silver under the arms — which meant they wouldn’t anything at all like the unis the 1954 national championship team wore. Since then, though, I’ve seen more pictures — and I’ve seen that the stuff our boys will be wearing on Saturday … um … well, they could be much, much worse.

I’m still bothered by how this worked — it sounds a little too much like the tail wagging the dog — and I don’t think the Michigan game is the right time to be screwing around with, well, anything.

But when I see the team run on the field Saturday? I’ll probably be OK.

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  1. I’ll have to wait until I see them on tv but….
    the jerseys don’t really look retro at all. I’m with you, UC, why mess around with anything for the biggest game of the year?


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