• Hm. The Game is over, and it appears I have nothing to talk about. Hey! Bullets!
  • Good news for us: Penn Brewing is coming back, and very soon. Good news for me (if I may brag just a bit): Of the three reporters in town who did stories about Penn’s return, I was one of two who bothered to talk to Tom Pastorius and I was apparently the only one to (duh) ask him about the beer. Ales for the first time? Whooo!
  • I love me some Thanksgiving, and my tastes are pretty simple — bird, stuffing, taters (no sweet potatoes for me, thanks), noodles, green bean casserole, cranberry salad, wine and pie. Watching football is good too.
  • We’ll be at the home of Mrs. Crappy’s aunt. That means the meal will be spectacular, but I probably won’t get my noodles.
  • Mrs. Crappy and I will be having our own Thanksgiving on Friday. This serves a couple purposes: holiday time together (something we always try to do) and mountains of leftovers.
  • Best football of the coming weekend: YinzBowl II!
  • Second and third best football of the coming weekend: Pitt vs. WVU and Cincy vs. Illinois. I’m for Pitt and UC, because I want that Pitt-UC game we’re going to to be a big deal.
  • Left Hand’s Fade to Black Stout is amazing. I should’ve brought home a case, instead of just a six.
  • Hm. Looks like I managed to slip some college football in there after all. Sorry.


  1. 1. All this talk of Yinz Bowl II is killing me! But alas, I won’t be back from KY in time. :(

    2. You’re going to the Pitt/UC game?! I think I knew this. But we’ll definitely have to meet up (notwithstanding the fact that noon KOs don’t leave much time for tailgate hopping!).

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. CPG: We always refer to tailgates for noon starts as “sprints” — there’s still time to do it up right, but you have to hurry.

    I’m kicking around the idea of buying a parking pass from Craigslist or something. Think it would be worth it?

    RPM: A suggestion — if you survive the trip to Target, your reward should be a margarita at Las Velas Saturday night. I know I’ll be counting on the pain-killing properties of the tequila to help me walk after the football game.


  3. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mrs Sister-in-Law!! Eat lots, drink lots and be merry. Four months and counting!! :)


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