We’re not done with college football yet.

I’ve been able to see a few pretty good games since Ohio State’s regular season ended a couple weeks ago — Texas and Texas A&M was insane — and we’ve even got a couple that matter to us going on this weekend.

I’m watching OU and Central play for the MAC title tonight — OU’s down at halftime, but a bowl bid is all but certain. And tomorrow morning, we have one more tailgate for the season, outside Heinz Field prior to the Pitt-Cincinnati game.

I think everyone is expecting the Ohio family to be cheering for the Ohio team tomorrow … and everyone would be wrong. My parents’ irritation with UC goes back to a series of basketball games between Oscar Robertson’s Bearcats and the Buckeyes of Lucas and Havlicek. For me, the annoyance stems mostly from this football and the irritating claim that Cincy was the best college football program in the state this year.

We have a low-key kind of tailgate planned, but we’ll still be doing what we do on autumn Saturday mornings. And I’m curious to see how a pro football town does when it comes to tailgating for a pretty important — and sold out — college game.

Perhaps the best part about tomorrow’s game? It’s going to be 25 degrees when we arrive at Heinz Field — and because it’s not an Ohio State game, I don’t have to wear shorts.

Ahhh. Balmy.

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  1. Hey Uncle Crappy,
    We met at Burghbaby’s house in the summer and at Las Velas a few weekends ago. I just finally made it over to your blog and I’m adding it to my reader because I am a HUGE college football fan and enjoy your comments. I can even *nod* to your Buckeyes for the Rose Bowl, but don’t let any Nittany Lion fans know I did. Big 10 needs the respect more than the Lions need the Buckeyes to lose.


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