I haven’t spent a whole lot of time in front of the computer in the last few days, but that’s about to change. At this moment, the old eMac is spitting data at our new iMac, and once that’s ready to go, I think I won’t be able to help but sit in front of that beautiful new machine.

What you’ve missed:

  • I made the traditional crab cakes on Christmas Eve, but thanks to a grocery story error, I had to do something a little differently. We both forgot to pick up mayonnaise while visiting the store that day, so I had to make my own. It tasted fine, but it didn’t work so well as a binder — so a few of my crabcakes more closely resembled little piles of fried crab. There are worse things that could happen, I suppose.
  • I am a wrapping machine, especially when fueled by Mad Elf. And I’ve recovered quite nicely from a nasty case of Scotch Thumb.
  • For those who weighed in on my Scotch Thumb whining on Twitter: Thank you. I guess.
  • We had a lovely Christmas at the home of Mrs. Crappy’s aunt, thanks in no small part to Mrs. Crappy’s kick-ass chicken casserole and a perfect herb-roasted beef tenderloin prepared by our cousin.
  • All you need to know about the Crappy marriage: I gave Mrs. Crappy a book about home improvement projects. She gave me flatware from Ikea.
  • The highlight of our short trip to Columbus was probably the two Ohio State Snugggies we had ready for Mom and Dad. I kind of want one now.
  • Another Columbus highlight: we brought home a mess of Pyramid’s Snow Cap, one of our favorite winter beers.
  • We brought the iMac home on Tuesday, as part of a trade that will benefit my mother in law as well. After I get everything cleaned up, we’re shipping the eMac to her home in Texas. She’ll finally have a machine she’s comfortable with, and even though the eMac is old, it’ll suit her emailing/word-processing/light web-surfing needs for years.
  • I had one good beer day on Monday, when I met a bunch of Tweeps at Bocktown while they were taping a spot for WPXI’s featured restaurant series. I’ll have another good one today, when I visit — and write about — the preview at Penn.
  • Did I mention the Polar Bear Plunge? Two more days, people.
  • Did I mention the Rose Bowl? Two-and-a-half more days, people.

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  1. I love the Crappy marriage cuteness! Glad you had a good holiday. Sorry we missed your time in Columbus – that was when we were in Michigan, I am guessing (Friday-Sunday) and then my brother was here from NYC and my sister from Oregon. They are back at their respective homes and I return to work for one day tomorrow and then a long weekend. Yay! Despite missing a usual Xmas meet-up, we still hope to share a winter dinner with you and Mrs. Crappy sometime to celebrate the new year!


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