Because I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to get the Fifth Annual Uncle Crappy NCAA Final Four Challenge round-up post up before the games actually begin, I’m going to briefly post my pick here. Full analysis will follow on Thursday.

  • Ohio State vs. Kansas State / West Virginia vs. Baylor
  • Ohio State vs. West Virginia
  • Ohio State

C’mon — did you really think I’d pick someone else?


  1. Seeing that professional journalists often refer to this blog for reliable news feeds, I will up front cite my source of picks – 100% taken from a most notable sports authority- the WSJ (it also happens to be the only daily paper I have delivered) – just because they couldn’t predict the housing bubble and they freely allow Rove a platform doesn’t mean they can’t get the tourney right, right?

    Hailing from Utah, Cosmo the Cougar will battle Big Jay from Lawrence, Kansas, with the Jayhawks winning by a feather.

    Bucky Badger from America’s Dairyland will scrum with the Devil wears Prada team from the Tarheel state – with Bucky’s prolific ingestion of cheese finally constipating the advancement of the fury little critter.

    Repeating an epic meeting between 2 historic power houses in NCAA basketball – Duke Blue Devils, whose name comes from the French “les Diables Bleus” which was the nickname given during World War I to the Chasseurs Alpins, the French Alpine light infantry battalion – will lose a close game to boys from the sunflower state when the jayhawks, a mythical cross between a blue jay and a sparrowhawk, ultimately triumph-

    Rock Chalk baby!


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